9 Tricks to Keep Glasses from Fogging Up this Winter

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9 Tricks to Keep Glasses from Fogging Up this Winter


Cold climate combined with moist physique warmth is a recipe for fogged glasses.

Here are 9 methods to maintain your glasses from fogging up this winter. (We propose checking along with your optometrist earlier than utilizing any of those methods in your prescription glasses.) Not every one tip will work for each one person; you would possibly desire to test with other techniques to discover the only that works for you glasses fogging up.

  • Use anti-fog wipes
  • Clean your glasses with a small dab of shaving foam
  • Rub a small quantity of natural white bar cleaning soap in your lenses, then buff off
  • Apply anti-fog paste or spray
  • Use rain repellent on glasses
  • Clean them along with your saliva
  • Choose glasses that sit clear of your face to circulation air
  • Wear touch lenses rather of glasses
  • Get LASIK imaginative and prescient correction in Orem

When you put on prescription glasses, shifting from warm to chilly environments (and vice versa) could be fairly annoying. Not merely will you ought to always wipe off the fog every one time you take away your glasses, your imaginative and prescient will probably be impacted how to prevent glasses from fogging.

At Cataract & LASIK Center of Utah, we really enjoy the 9th trick provides nearsighted, farsighted and astigmatic sufferers in Salt Lake the finest threat for foggy-lens reduction. We say “reduction” simply due to the fact even when you’ve got a a success LASIK technique and gain 20/20 or higher vision, you nonetheless desire to put on protective sunglasses all year. Yes, you would possibly nonetheless ride the fogging problem, but you’ve got extra opportunity to attempt out other sorts of sunglasses and goggles to scale back the annoyance
how to stop glasses from fogging.

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