Alicia Online — Good Racing and Not Much Else

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Alicia Online — Good Racing and Not Much Else

alicia online is an originally Korean MMO horse racing game. After a few preliminary confusion as to how this sport may want to maybe have ordinary players, I really ended up discovering much of problems to like about it.



In informal games, or not it’s stated that you’ve got about five to fifteen seconds to persuade a consumer to hold playing. Within that time, everything wants to be as simply understandable and satisfying to play as possible. Ease of entry and handholding tutorials are a staple of a success informal video games on internet and cellular platforms.

One may assume that a identical rule of thumb might be hired for a sport about anime-looking ladies using races on fable horses. One might be wrong.

Alicia Online requires you to obtain the sport and a launcher separately, has an installer that reveals apparently random characters with the lessons telling you “Dont listen to the mistaken symbols, or not it’s ok ” (likely an challenge with translating from the unique Korean), and the man or woman writer is simply an HTML form.

Inside the real game, the accessibility grows marginally better, however the complete sport suffers from an absence of translation in a few components of UI and tutorial.

Many of those points can apparently be blamed at the game’s strange existence as a fan remake: The unique Alicia was only accessible in Korean and has long gone offline years ago. This new model is made by a other staff and is fully unmonetized, staying alive as a natural pastime project. The top rate forex is nonetheless facet of the game’s UI and mechanics, however, and may be won by means of each day quests and with a little bit of luck, by racing.

Alicia Online — Good Racing and Not Much Else


Your Ranch

Once you’re previous those preliminary hurdles of accessibility, you arrive in your ranch on horseback. You can transfer round the properties and area to read the fundamental controls otherwise you’ll be able to speak to a small handful of NPCs whose textual content containers appear to be restricted to at least one or NULL traces each. Either you can’t dismount out of your horse at all, or the possibility is so properly hidden that I even haven’t figured it out yet. Neither could specifically wonder me, simply due to the fact this recreation makes much of wierd choices.

Instead of letting you really visit the store or the racetrack or your horse’s stall on the Ranch, the recreation gives “Horse Care”, “Racing” and “Shop” menus from a UI bar on the bottom.

Horse Care

In the pony care screen, the participant can use consumable presents like brushes, meals and toys to have interaction with their horse. If you desire to hold caring in your horse, you furthermore mght have to go perform races so that you’ll be able to afford extra meals and care items.

The animations for feeding and gambling along with your horse are really fairly endearing, and none of the duties take lengthy sufficient to develop tedious – that is a issue that much of horse grooming mechanics in video games have.


Alicia Online — Good Racing and Not Much Else



The on-line racing in opposition to different participant is the focal level of the game, and in lots of methods also the side that works best. Unlike a few solid simulation games, Alicia even doesn’t attempt to be realistic about how its horse racing works: your horse can double leap and glide on ghostly pegasus wings afterwards, and there’s a drifting (“sliding”) mechanic that will get you round tight curves with a sprint on the end, in the event you happen to time it right.

You vitality up your increase vitality via leaping over limitations or via collecting horseshoes after which use that increase cleverly to get ahead. A moment racing mode is referred to as “magic” and is ready utilizing and evading magical power-ups.

Like everything else within the game, the races are badly tutorialized, but as soon as I got the grasp of them, I really began to relish the problem they offer.

Alicia Online — Good Racing and Not Much Else


The maps are varied, quite and well-made, with shortcuts and collectibles giving the participant a few motivation to develop popular with the tracks in tuition mode earlier than tackling PvP competitions. The manage scheme is somewhat unintuitive, but tight and exact as soon as you in truth learn the educational and get the way all of it works. What I like most about it’s how quickly it feels. Many horse video games I’ve tried currently have controls that truly sense rather lots slower and clunkier than using a genuine horse in exact life. Alicia would possibly now not be realistically correct either, nonetheless it surely feels rather lots higher to play than lots of its competitors within the genre alicia online facebook.

Winning races will get you trip and carrots, that you could use to purchase extra care items, fancy saddles and even new horses. The charge at that you achieve trip is slow, and the sports you could do outdoor of the racing itself are few, so that you truly should take pleasure in and desire to spend time with the racing for this recreation to be enjoyable.

Alicia Online — Good Racing and Not Much Else


Alicia’s Players
Because I was curious about who even performs this recreation and why, I reached out to a handful of Alicia Regulars for them to inform me what it’s that they take pleasure in in regards to the game, and got enthusiastic replies from everybody I contacted.

Melfaron, a participant who says she spends 1-3 hours with Alicia each day, tells me she likes how fast-paced the recreation is, and that avid gamers can grow their very own racing style, going for power or agility within the levelling in their horse. Another each day lively player, french way of life blogger Cécile Challet, tells me she loves the pretty horses and the pageant of racing. Someone else says the principal factor they’d desire to be further to the recreation is Pegasus Armor.

Melfaron, who uploads Alicia tutorials on her YouTube channel, says that the only factor she dislikes in regards to the recreation is its typically poisonous participant base. When I was gambling it, I didn’t engage with any avid gamers directly, but I did at a few level word a discussion within the public chat window about regardless of even if or now not homosexuality was wrong, so I assume I actually have an concept the place the notion is coming from alica online.

In all the replies I got, there was a feel of energetic enthusiasm, as effectively as deep appreciation for the volunteer developers that preserve the MMO alive.


Alicia Online — Good Racing and Not Much Else


In Conclusion
I can hardly say that I’ve considered all that Alicia has to offer, but I also don’t truly fairly sense like I desire to spend extra time grinding to unlock the Breeding and Ranch Management features.

It’s value mentioning that I’m a single participant via and via and that I’ve by no means discovered any on-line sport that in truth held my attention for any lengthy interval of time, so my loss of hobby may be because of a mismatch in style and choice simply as a lot as by the issues of the sport itself.

I can unquestionably see how the racing itself is fun sufficient to cling the attention of individual with extra of a competitive streak than myself. If you’re individual like that, I unquestionably suggest giving the totally unfastened sport a try.

Alicia Online is accessible for PC and could be downloaded for unfastened here. For a higher intro and extra information than the sport itself provides, have a seem on the publications supplied by Alicia On Heart.

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