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Best English Jokes With Images


Are you folks seeking greatest English jokes? Then you’re at proper place. Here we filtered out manually 50 greatest English jokes for you.

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I each day word a staff of women sitting within the park speaking and guffawing loudly.

One day I located all of the women had been silent. There ought to be a few extreme concern or incident happened.

So I went to a woman and asked, “Why everyone is silent today?”

She replied, “All are show today…”

It took me few minutes to recognize this.




A Spiritual Thought…. Read carefully

Good day isn’t created via God…..Nor it’s designed via our parents……Not even ready via us…….

Nature too doesn’t supply us a nice day………

Then Who offers us…?

Is it our chums …..?
or our Family….?
Or is it ourself….?


Good Day is manufactured merely via Britannia biscuit company.

Don’t be extreme all of the time. ?
ting ting tidiiinnnngggg……..! ?




When your spouse retains her head in your chest and slowly asks, “Dear, do you’ve got any ladies in your life different than me”?

Remember your reply isn’t foremost at this time, what is foremost is your heartbeat. Keep your coronary center in control, Don’t panic. It’s simply your biometric test.??




What is chai for an Indian?

• Sleepy? Have tea.
• Headache? Have tea.
• Tired? Have tea.
• Mood off? Have tea.
• Feeling cold? Have tea.
• Want a Samosa? Must have tea.
• Late evening study? Have tea.
• Party after tuitions? With tea.
• Not well? Have adrakh wali tea .
• Zero figure? Have inexperienced tea.
• Pocket money? Make tea in your father.
• Guests? Make tea.
• Waiting for train? Have tea.
• Watching TV? Have tea.
⭐ final but now not the least – desire to turn out to be PM….. make TEA ?

Tea is like opium for Indians. It’s like “if you desire success then have tea”.



A drink decreases 5 minutes of life…
A smile will increase 10 minutes of life…

Moral – Ek hasta hua sharabi kabhi nahi mar sakta…!!



A lady at a bus cease spotted a good-looking man and with out hesitation went to him and said
” you appear cute.. I like you.”….

The man out of surprise merely positioned his hand on her shoulder and said

“My dear, this love and infatuation are all nothing. You are too younger to be behaving like this. Pls pass house and research difficult so you’ll be able to have a a hit life.”..

He then positioned a work of paper on her hand and said
” I even have written a few phrases of knowledge and devout verses for you. Read them earlier than you pass to sleep.”
And then he walked away.

The lady went again to her hostel in disgrace and guilt..

before she slept she opened up the paper and learn thus:

“Are you blind? My spouse was status behind me. Any way, it is my number.
Call me anytime. ………..
By the way, I such as you too!”

? ? ? Men are at all times Men !!!!!!!!!!!!!???


Girl : (to god) I don’t desire to marry. I am educated, independent and self enough and don’t desire a husband. But my folks are asking me to marry. What to do?

God replied : You are my best introduction and unquestionably will acquire many huge things. But a few things, inevitably, won’t pass the method you want. Worst, a few issues will fail. Whom will you blame? Yourself? No! You desire a husband!



Just One Kiss, Please..
One evening a man dropped his girlfriend at her home.
As they have been about to want every different goodnight on the entrance door,
the guy began feeling a bit of within the mood.
With an air of confidence, he leaned together with his hand towards the wall
and smiling, he stated to her “Honey, might you provide me a kiss?”
Horrified, she replied, “Are you mad? My folks will see us “Oh come on!
Who’s gonna see us at this hour?” He requested grinning at her.
“No, please. Can you think if we get caught?”
“Oh come on!
There’s no person around, they’re all sleeping!”.
“No way, it’s simply too risky!”
“Oh please, please, I love you so much?!?”.
“No, no, and no. I love you too, but I simply can’t!”.
“Oh convinced you can. Please?”
“No, no. I simply can’t” “I’m begging you … ”
Out of the blue, the pale on the stairs went on, and
The girl’s elder sister confirmed up in her pajamas, hair dis-leveled,
And in a sleepy voice she said,
“Dad says to cross forward and provide him a kiss, or I can do it.
Or if want Be, mother says she can come down herself and do it,
but for God’s sake and all of ours..



Joke of the day

Situation – In a room pale is going off…people open their cellular torch via their traditional handsets…

Guy with an Iphone × – “Please some1 present pale on my face so tht I can unlock my phone”



Question –

Who is better….?

Wife or sister

Heart touching award profitable answer:
Wife’s sister


Good psychological exercise. Which of right here names are you acquainted with?

1. Monica Lewinski
2. Bill Clinton
3. Hillary Clinton
4. Adolph Hitler
5. Jorge Bergoglio
6. Dawood Ibrahim
7. Charles Sobraj
8. Vijay Mallya
9. Saddam Hussein
10. Tiger Woods

You had problem with #5?

You recognise all of the criminals, murderers, thieves, sluts and cheaters, but you don’t recognise the Pope!



As Amitabh Bachhan is Brand Ambassador of Gujarat he was with Narendra Modi to welcome Japanese PM at Ahmedabad Airport..
Modi introducing Big B to Mr. Shinzo Abe and requested do you recognise him???

Mr. Shinzo: Yes I recognise him, he’s Hira Thakur of Suryavansham


Define Surround Sound System?

Award profitable answer-

Wife within the entrance seat of the car, her mom and sister within the again seat !!



After becoming a member of the Bank, beneath substantial drive from my household to get married, I went to meet this female beneath the organized marriage system.

It was my first such trip of assembly a female in such conditions. And the female rejected me outright on my face. I for sure moved on and got married to one other female a yr later.

After 10 years, I saw the similar lovely female at a site visitors sign together with her husband in a model new Audi.

And I was making an attempt to kickstart my Activa scooter as the battery begin was now not working.

She appeared out of the vehicle and in short appeared at me but with out any trace of recognition, strikes her eyes away!

At that moment, after riding a NULL wheeler for over 15 years, first time in my life I discovered the worth of a helmet ???

So at all times positioned on a helmet in your personal safety!


Rahul: Why is your eye swollen…?

Amit: It was my wife’s birthday yesterday and I sold her a cake.

Rahul: But how did your eye get swollen?

Amit: Her identify is Tapasya… but that Cake store fool wrote
“Happy Birthday Samasya”


Dedicated to all 40+ Male

A 40 yr antique man requested the Trainer within the Gym,
‘ I desire to Impress my wife,
which Machine ought to I use?’

The Trainer replied,
‘ Outside the Gym, there’s an ATM,

Try that ‘……..???


Dear Friends,

Please don’t ship me messages similar to independence.

I am married…

It hurts. ??☹☹☹


What is Object oriented programming:

Father – Son, cross and get Red Label

Son – 750ml or 1 ltr??

Mother – Son, cross and get Red Label

Son – 500gms or 1 kg??!!???


Girl- why are you starting
Boy- there’s an attracting force.
Girl – which force?
Boy- ghoorutvakarshan?


The Growth Story

Me: Can you please grow?

Hair: Nah..!
Muscle: Nope..!!
Salary: Don’t even dream..!!!

Stomach: Bhai tere liye kuch bhi.


Parsi Bawa hunts a DEER, chefs it & serves it for dinner…. ??

He doesn”t inform his children what it’s and asks them to guess.???

Kids aren’t capable to guess so he provides them a Clue:
“It’s what your Mom calls me sometimes…”??

Youngest Son shouts…
” Don’t consume that!!
Gadhero che…!”


Classic one

Ever since Robert was a child, he had a worry of human being beneath his bed at night.

So he went to a Psychiatrist and informed him “I’ve got problems.
Every time I cross to bed
I suppose there’s any person beneath it.
I’m scared.
I suppose I’m going crazy.”

“Just positioned your self in my arms for one year”, stated the psychiatrist.

“Come, speak to me three occasions per week and we ought to be capable to eliminate these fears.”

“How a lot do you charge?”

‘$200 per visit,’ replied
the doctor.

‘I’ll suppose of it and if necessary I will come again to you,’
Robert said.

Six months later he met the Psychiatrist at the street.

‘Why didn’t you come to see me about these fears you’ve got been having?’ he asked.

‘Well, $200 a go to three occasions per week for a yr is a excellent deal of money!

A Indian pal of mine cured me for the fee of 1 plate biryani and a bottle of coke.

I was so glad to have stored all that funds that I went and sold myself a model new SUV”.

‘Is that so!’ with a little bit of an perspective he said, ‘and how, might I ask, did the pal remedy you?’

He informed me to
“Sell the bed and sleep on a Mattress at the floor.”



There is at all times an INDIAN technique to resolve a tough problem…


A man was stunned to see his lovely divorced neighbour knocking on his door one friday evening.

She said: “I’m feeling so lonely that I can’t stand it. I desire to cross out, get drunk & desire to take pleasure in my life. Are you unfastened tonight?”

“Yes!” he replied, enthusiastically.

She said: “Wonderful. Then please shield my kids.”


Moral :
Read all supply files intently earlier than accepting!
All unfastened gifts include phrases and conditions…

Have a huge day…


Girlfriend stated she necessary “iPhoneX” for her birthday….

Now she is “eX girlfriend”



Whatever u sow comes again 10 times…it’s now not karma

It’s Whatapp


HR – There is a 2 years hole in your CV!
Candidate – I was in jail

HR – Why?
Candidate:- I killed the guy who informed me : “we’ll name you back”

HR :- Welcome on board, you’ve got the Job


Height of web addiction
At a funeral in church
A visitor: What’s the WiFi password here?
Priest: respect the dead
Visitor: all small letters? ???


If U recommend them, they suppose U r dominating;?
If U don’t, U r now not doing anything!?
If they call,they r lacking U;?
If U call,U r disturbing them!?
If they ask U anything,its their right;?
If U ask them,U r interfering!?
If they care,they luv U;❤
If U care,U r possessive?
So difficult….hats ?off to all ladies who deal with them each day?!!!!!!?


Q: What is the difference among men and puppies?
A: Puppies develop up ?




Q: If you drop a person and a brick out of a plane, which one could hit the surface first? ✈
A: Who cares??? Just throw them??


Q: What did God say after he created man?
A: I can do higher than this! And then he created woman!!! ? ?


Q: What’s the difference among an clever man & a UFO ??
A: Dont know, havnt considered both ?



Q: What are NULL causes why men don’t thoughts their very own business?
A: i) no thoughts ii) no business?




Q: What makes men chase ladies they have no goal of marrying? ?
A: The similar urge that makes canine chase automobiles they have no goal of riding ??


Q: What do you do with a person who thinks he’s God’s gift? ?
A: Exchange him!! ?



Q: Why do men like sensible women?
A: Opposites attract! ??



I decided to journey to US. At The Embassy For Visa Interview, here’s what happened

Officer: Where to within the US?

Me: San Jose

Officer: It’s pronounced as San Hosey. J is pronounced as H within the US.

Me: Oh, okay!

Officer: So how lengthy do you intend to be within the US ?

Me: from Hanuary to Hune or Huly



An antique man was mendacity on his deathbed.
With in simple terms hours to live, he abruptly smelt chocolate chip cookies wafting up from the kitchen.
Driven on through his favorite smell, he someway managed to pull himself out of bed, throughout the flooring to the stairs, and slowly down the stairs to the kitchen.
There, the antique man’s spouse was baking chocolate chip cookies.

With his final little bit of energy, mustering everything he had left, he reached for a cookie in simple terms to get his hand slapped hard.

‘No,’ the spouse snapped,

‘these are for the funeral!’



Don’t die through laugh…..

The Students of MBBS have been attending their 1st Biochemistry Class. They all gathered round the Lab desk with a Urine sample.

The Professor dip His Finger in urine & tasted it in his own mouth.
Then he requested the Students to do the same.

The scholars hesitated for a couple of minutes, but at final each one dipped their finger in urine pattern & tasted it….

When everybody finished, the Professor appeared at them & said: The primary Quality is ‘Observation’. I dipped my MIDDLE Finger but tasted the INDEX Finger.

Today you simply Learnt, “How to Pay Attention”.


In New York, NULL beggars have been sitting aspect through side, one with “OM” sign and the different with “CROSS” sign.

People passing that enviornment have been giving grimy ? seem to the beggar carrying the OM sign but giving a greenback to the only carrying the CROSS sign.

This was going on, while a father of a church was passing through and observed this. He got here to beggar who was carrying the OM sign and informed him that you’re in a country, the place folks observe Christianity. You being a Hindu will hardly get any alms. Just to make you really sense jealous and frustrated folks are giving dollars to your counterpart.

After the Father left, the beggar carrying the OM sign stated right here in Gujarati to his counterpart:-

“Jignesh Bhai”?

“Yes Mansukh Bhai”

Now this Father will train us easy methods to do business!!!!



A 50 yr antique lady, who abruptly began studying easy methods to swim rather of her standard regimen work of going to a temple !!!!

Everyone was curious and requested her: “why the swap in your hobby to swimming now a days?”

The lady, with a seem of helplessness replied: “Whenever my son and daughter-in-law quarrel each different She ( Daughter-in-law) at all times asks my son : – “If your mom and I fall in water, whom will you save first?”

And simply due to the fact I don’t desire to lay my son in a tough position, so I am studying easy methods to swim!”

A few days later husband and spouse have been quarrelling again, and the daughter-in-law unreasonably asked: ” now inform me! If your mom and I fall in water, whom will you save first?”

Husband replied:
“I don’t must get down within the water, my mom is aware of easy methods to swim, she is going to save you.”

Wife refused to relent: “No, you must bounce within the water, and must save certainly one of us”

Husband replied: “Then you’ll absolutely die…. simply due to the fact I don’t recognise easy methods to swim …. and my mom will really save me first.”


Doctor : Your Liver is enlarged
Patient : Does that imply it has arena for extra whisky ?
(This is referred to as “Positive Thinking” ??)


Lady to her dietician :- What l am fearful about is my top and never my weight.
Doc :- How come???
Lady :- According to my weight, my top ought to be 7.8 feet… ?
(Now here’s referred to as “Positive Attitude” ?)


A Man wrote to the bank. “My Cheque was returned with comment ‘Insufficient funds’.

I desire to recognise regardless of no matter if it refers to mine or the Bank”.
(This is self trust in its peak ??)


This one is vintage !!
A cockroach’s final phrases to a person who necessary to kill it : “Go forward and kill me, you coward. You’re simply jealous simply due to the fact I can scare your spouse and also you cannot..!!!!” ???


Woman’s tongue


Man’s eye.

Rest Only while they die !


Wife : I think….

Husband : …Exactly !!!

Wife : But I haven’t stated something yet !!!

Husband : Doesn’t matter. You’re RIGHT….!



Happy International Peace Day


Girl : Dad…I’m in love…

Its love on 2nd sight!!☺

Dad : What’s love on 2nd sight??!?

Girl : When I saw him 1st, he was shopping for Manikchand Gutka…

When I saw him again…he was spitting out of his Audi?


Wife takes very ill husband to a Doctor.

Doctor advices to spouse :

– Give him wholesome breakfast daily

– Be friendly & in nice mood

– Cook tasty dinner

– Don’t talk about your issues with him

– Stop looking tv exhibits & fb n whats app

– Don’t call for new jewels

If u can do that for one year, Ur husband might be ok.

On the technique to home, husband asks spouse :

What did Doctor say ?

Wife : Bachna mushkil hai..!!



Two Children Were Waiting In The Doctor’s Waiting Room.

The Little Girl Started Crying.

Little Boy Asked Her: “Why Are You Crying?”
The Girl Said: “I’m Here For Blood Test And The Doctor Is Going To Cut My Finger”

The Little Boy Too Started Crying.

Girl: “Now Why Are You Crying?”

Boy: “I’m Here For The Urine Test“


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