“Can I Use Baking Soda to Whiten My Teeth?”

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“Can I Use Baking Soda to Whiten My Teeth?”



Everyone needs a white smile, but daily conduct can in truth take a toll on our teeth. Red wine, smoking, coffee, tea, and plenty of different culprits tend to rework our as soon as natural white grins into dull, discolored smiles. The nice news? It doesn’t need to be permanent. There are varied methods we will nicely whiten our teeth
baking soda on teeth.

Baking Soda as a Whitener

At my dental workplace Cary, we wish you no longer to only have a grin you’re pleased with, but additionally assist you get it safely and effectively. Baking soda is usually promoted as an nice method to whiten teeth, and whereas it could eliminate a few staining, there are a number of issues you ought to understand concerning the methodology earlier than giving it a shot baking soda to whiten teeth.

It May Not Work

Yes, baking soda has been shown to take away a few varieties of tooth staining, but no longer all. Since baking soda is abrasive with the aid of way of nature, it could simply scour away minor floor stains and assist supply your smile a whiter appearance. But if tooth have extra extreme staining, or staining that in truth is living underneath the tooth surface, baking soda possibly won’t work. If that’s the case, you would possibly discover an in-office knowledgeable whitening cure or beauty dentistry, like veneers, extra effective. Talk together with your dentist in Cary to decide out what’s greatest for you.

There’s a Right Way to Use It

Whitening your tooth with baking soda would possibly appear simple and harmless, but there could be a right method to make use of it.

Mix the baking soda with identical components water to tone down the degree of abrasiveness
Brush gently, don’t scrub
Don’t use it each day — as soon as or a twice every week is the advised limit
Remember to nonetheless use your normal toothpaste each day, twice a day to maintain to shield in opposition to bacteria

Be Aware of Possible Disadvantages

Using baking soda to whiten tooth is appealing to many folks because of the actuality that it’s low cost, yet effective, but there are nonetheless dangers related with it. Even although the abrasive texture is what makes it an nice whitener, it’s also certainly one of the primary risks. If used too usually or inappropriately, baking soda can wreck enamel and growth the threat for decay and tooth sensitivity.

If you wish a grin that’s whiter, supply my Cary dental workplace a name immediately to schedule an appointment. We can work collectively to verify which whitening cure is greatest for you baking soda teeth whitening.

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