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Candy Crush Boosters


Lollipop Hammer

The lollipop hammer is one in every of the gold standard boosters in Candy Crush Saga. The lollipop hammer will beautiful a lot crush something you’d like. You can crush candy, jelly, meringues or anything! You truly get hold of a number of of those bad boys for unfastened whilst you first soar the game. Remember to attempt to keep them as lengthy as you can. At least attempt to keep them till degree 70 that’s one in every of the hardest levels. The lollipop hammer is one in every of the higher boosters so its fairly pricey at $1.99. Your higher off spinning the unfastened every day booster wheel and pray you get one candy crush boosters.


and Wrapped Booster

The striped and wrapped booster is a beautiful easy but invaluable booster. This booster will soar your degree off with a striped and wrapped candy already at the board. This booster inst value deciding to buy given that you’ll be able to make those with combinations but should you’re on a degree that desires you to gather striped and wrapped candies, it’s helpful. It also invaluable on ranges that soar out with a smaller board or meringue heavy levels candy crush boosters.


Extra Moves (+5)

The +5 further strikes booster could be a really invaluable booster should you’re about to beat a level, but purely desire a number of further moves. This Candy Crush Booster will provide you 5 further strikes brought on to the recent quantity of strikes you have. So should you’ve 2 strikes left and use this booster, you’ll be rewarded 5 strikes and have 7 strikes left. This booster isn’t accessible till after degree 8.

Color Bomb

The coloration bomb is a booster that may soar your degree out with a coloration bomb already at the gambling board. This could be super helpful, escpecially for ranges that require orders of coloration bombs. This booster is unlocked in degree 15.

Sweet Teeth

Sweet tooth are huge boosters. They can crush by way of many blockers which you just may run into. The candy tooth are nice at chomping down on locked candies, chocolate, licorice swirls, meringues and marmalade. Simply pick this booster on a degree with blockers, and it was chomp by way of all them like a candy crazed mouth.

Jelly Fish

The jelly fish booster upload jelly fish to the sweet crush board. When activated, this booster summons 3 jelly fish that consume jelly at random. These are very handy for jelly ranges and have to be used on the cease of the degree to get the ultimate jelly you couldn’t get.

Coconut Wheel

The coconut wheel can usually be incorrect as a donuts or a gummy candy. The coconut wheel is a pink circle factor with a black center. This is a huge booster for ranges that want striped candies or in case you happen to get caught in a sticky situation. When you use this booster, it creates 3 striped candies and crushes all of them. You can’t use or buy this booster till you attain degree 15. This is a normal booster you get on the Daily Booster Wheel so its a huge booster to have on your bank.


Extra Time

The Extra Time booster is a actually easy booster. You can bounce shopping for and utilizing this booster after you’ve got performed degree 27. When you use this booster you’re offered 15 more seconds on a timed level. Though 5 seconds doesn’t appear like much, it’s very handy on the later timed ranges that require you to rating much of issues in a quick quantity of time. Sometimes 5 seconds more is all you’ve got to beat the level.

Lucky Candy

Lucky candies are a first rate booster depending on what you get. The fortunate sweet is the little bowling ball watching issues with the examine mark on it. When you crush considered one of these, you gets a wonder candy. Most of the time its both a wrapped sweet or a striped sweet but usually you get just a bit more. You can’t use those till after degree 131.


Bubblegum Troll

The Bubblegum Troll is the little humorous watching pink guy thats pleased as can be. This is a actually handy booster in Candy Crush Saga. After you attain degree 156, you’ll be capable to buy the Bubblegum Troll. If you hate chocolates, then you’ll LOVE this booster. This booster clears each chocolate on a degree and can also block the chocolate fountains from dispensing chocolate for 5 moves. Once you make 5 strikes all of the bubble gum will probably be eliminated from the board and the chocolates will bounce again up. If you’re on a chocolate heavy level, this booster actually is available in handy candy crush candies.


Bomb Cooler
The bomb cooler is a huge booster for ranges with bombs on them. This sweet crush booster will upload +5 too the countdown of any bombs which are recently on the sweet crush board. This booster actually facilitates in case you happen to are near beating the level, but you’ve got simply one transfer left on a bomb it actually is set to explode. This will upload +5 to it so that you may make the transfer to end the level.


Free Switch

is a booster in Candy Crush Saga that’s brought in degree 19. It can change any NULL candies that don’t match, as lengthy as they’re adjoining to every other. In the internet version, it used to rate a transfer upon usage, however it now not does, as of the Sour Salon release.

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