I Hate My Life: 15 Ways To Make It More Miserable

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I Hate My Life: 15 Ways To Make It More Miserable


Life is a Toilet
It’s filled with shit (a.k.a, flaws). But technically, we’re those who fill it with our shit and hence we’re filled with shit as well. So, don’t hate yourself, or the world, while you scent anything bad simply due to the fact we simply stay in a toilet.

But you don’t desire a grimy toilet. The paradox is which you just ought to maintain your rest room clean, no longer with the aid of means of taking away the shit but simply with the aid of means of no longer shitting throughout the vicinity and preserving the entire task blank and healthy. You know, flush the rattling toilet!!

The rest room isn’t a vicinity of residence. Neither the shit defines who you’re nor does it outline life (or the toilet) itself. You get to depart the rest room each time you’re accomplished in contrast to actual life the position you don’t recognize while you might be done i hate my life.

That is shitty, I know. But take what is helpful and depart the shit. And if it’s all shit, simply matter that life is a toilet.

That said, while you nonetheless desire to have a shitty toilet, right right listed below are 15 methods you’ll be able to have one:


1. Consume Yourself With A Job You Hate‌‌
Drag your self each morning out of bed.

Count the minutes and the seconds you must spend anguish earlier than you cross home.

Go residence with out power to do anything. Get anything to consume whereas looking T.V or scrolling down social media.

And even although you’re tired, it’s not simple to sleep.

Maybe on account of T.V or smartphones. Maybe on account of depression. Or possibly both.

You get up and also you must drag your self back out of the bed.

And you don’t recognise for certain regardless of even if it’s simply due to the fact you had stayed up past due final evening or simply due to the fact a edge of you doesn’t desire to go.

But hey, possibly you stayed up past due final evening simply due to the fact you had needed to get up past due and have an excuse to not cross and even to make issues and get your self fired.

Who knows? Who cares?

One night, you choose which you simply not desire this job.

You are going to appear for one other process which you simply hate a bit bit less. But you’ve got neither the time nor the power to cross seek for anything else. So, you stay.

Repeat the cycle.


2. Believe In The Idea Of Finding Your Passion
You have a interest that, as soon as you find, will swap your life and make you invariably happy.

When you discover it, you may be very nice at it.

And you may have no difficulties growing it.

Also, you may turn into not purely joyful but in addition rich.

It’s a form of readability which will swap your life.

The readability of imaginative and prescient is priceless, isn’t it?

And even although only a few of us have this form of clarity, they normally most likely have labored tough for a lengthy time to grow it, you have got to goal for it and do nothing within the event you don’t have this clean imaginative and prescient and this overwhelming pastime and the excellent expertise to again all that up.

Just just like the concept of the soul mate:

You have got to be sitting there ready for him/her to present up on your life.

You don’t have got to move by means of the uncertainty of no longer understanding what goes to occur or the nervousness and the vulnerability which come when you’re growing a courting with someone.

Avoid that. Avoid it like a cat that avoids water.

Avoid it when you’re looking on your soul mate as effectively as when you’re looking on your passion.

Everything have got to simply fall in region if you discover that passion.

Don’t pay attention to of us who inform you that even if you discover your passion, it’s going to require a few attempt and it’s going to suck at times.

If it sucks, and it if requires effort, it’s no longer your passion.


3. Distract Yourself From The Difficult Emotions
Get busy. Drink. Smoke. Date. Travel. Scroll down social media websites indefinitely. Become a workaholic. Never spend a moment by yourself. Party. Go wild. Watch porn and jerk off to ladies who don’t supply a shit about your existence. Become a sarcastic clown and make fun of everything and everybody in order to seem as within the event you care about nothing.

And in 4 letters: n u m b.

Numb the tough feelings which you just don’t desire to feel. Use no matter you discover convenient.

Yes, the tough feelings are often a signal that anything is mistaken on your life. And different occasions they’re a derivative of life itself –hard occasions and tough instances the position there can also just be a one can threat are confronted by everyone.

In both case, they will no longer be pretty.

They hurt. So, numb them and distract yourself.

You don’t have got to reply to them or read from them.

And screw the delight which can also just come if you face your demons. Why take the risk?

Keep calm and numb.

OK, there isn’t any any calmness in numbing but, hey, it’s simple and it really works for a while. And it makes you hate your life a complete a lot.


4. Avoid The Difficult Conversations (With Yourself And With Others)
Confronting sucks. Being open is dangerous.

There is this choice of seeing grotesque issues or getting hurt.

There are foremost issues that ought to be discussed. Important issues that talk over with you personally or are foremost to the relationships you’re having with the of us who subject to you.

And to really sense relieved, or even to make these relationships higher sometimes, you ought to have these tough conversations.

During and earlier than –and perhaps after– these conversations, your coronary middle will beat quickly and also you can also just most likely sweat and tremble and stutter.

After all, they’re referred to as tough for a nice reason.

They can also just make your life better. But they’re tough and can also just harm you.

When it involves the ones conversations, there can also just be simply one guarantee:

If you don’t have them, you’re going to perpetuate useless affliction and wreck your ranges of delight (a.k.a. your life will suck. You can’t have any form of delight in life whereas having your foremost issues up within the air.)

Sounds like a nice way to have a crappy life.


5. Never Develop Your Social Skills
When your social expertise suck, your social life goes to suck1.

Loneliness isn’t the greatest feeling within the global –it’s considered one of the worst, actually.

We are social creatures.

And within the event you trust you’re lonely simply due to the fact you lack something, it’s even worse.

It’s like no longer being sufficient to really sense loved. It’s as within the event you can also just by no means be considered or heard.

But do you understand what it takes to grow all that?

Some folks ought to bounce through overcoming social nervousness and shyness.

Other folks ought to understand how one can make friends.

Others ought to read how one can get to understand human being on a deeper level. And different folks ought to understand how one can be there for these they care about.

And that’s the way it goes.

  • You overcome your anxieties.
  • You turn out to be extra open and make some friends.
  • From these friends, a couple of gets closer. Of these near friends, the connection will grow.
  • When this connection grows, you truly experience extra hooked up and you’re prepared to make investments time and attempt simply due to the fact you truly care in regards to the person/people.

This is a long, arduous journey. It requires difficult work.

Yes, it’s rewarding. But very painful, at times, it’s going to be. Heartbreaks and disappointment and all.

So, why take the danger while you possibly can dwell your life with poor social expertise and do the subsequent 2 issues as a reimbursement …


6. Isolate Yourself
Some of us isolate themselves simply due to the fact they lack social expertise or simply due to the fact they trust they lack what is going to make of us like them.

And a few people, even when they have nice social expertise and of us who care about them, elect to isolate themselves.

Anyway, isolate your self like a bear throughout its winter-sleep.

Yes, I know that isolation isn’t the resolution for loss of social skills.

This isolation will breed extra loneliness, anxiety, shame, and something-is-wrong-with-me feelings. Let by myself the precise well being points it could possibly convey in your life.

But it sucks to treat dull people!

And it’s painful and scary sometimes. Because of that, lock yourself. Build walls. Be guarded for of us are dangerous.

People won’t recognize you. People will simply harm you. It’s now not price it to fight and read a few social skills, permit by myself that it sucks to confess that yours suck2 i hate life.


7. Spend Your Life Online
You literally can spend your life online.

The Internet is a mine of unlimited instruments (and distraction).

And it’s a lot safer than the precise world.

This is an first-class substitution for having a precise life. Take benefit of it!

You don’t need me to inform you locate out the right way to do it.

Just go with this escapement route and bounce utilizing the internet.

You might be hooked and the dopamine will do the relaxation and maintain you coming again for more. But honestly, you might be coming again for extra simply due to the very fact you had already decided to screw the actual life.


8. Be With The Wrong People (Abusive Ones)
When you cease avoiding of us and bounce socializing, do it the improper way.

Don’t spend time with sane, emotionally solid people.

Spend some time with abusive dicks, emotional vampires, sick bastards, and smug narcissists who will make you hate your life and yourself.

They are the of us who mock you. Who make you really sense small.

The variety of relationships the place there are mystery contracts and unannounced agendas.

The of us you by no means really sense secure round but, hey, it’s higher than being alone!

The of us who’re unhappy with themselves and with their lives. And are too coward to do anything, so they venture their failure on you in order to seem strong.

Because social relationships play an essential position in general satisfaction, you’re going to really sense absurdly miserable spending time with such people.

Not basically will you no longer have deep, meaningful relationships the place you’re revered and churched, but in addition you’ll lose your self and be desperate for true love, which you’ll by no means discover round these assholes hate my life.


9. Do What Makes You Look Down At Yourself
Can you bear in mind any of the issues that could make you proud for the ones who did them?

Name NULL or three.

OK, don’t do them and do precisely the reverse of them.

If you trust that a sure habit is improper (morally or socially or whatever), cross and do it.

If a sure habit is making your life worse (i.e. procrastination, dishonesty …etc.), do it.

Anything which will make you no longer able to face the face you notice at the mirror is extra than welcomed.

A series of those behaviors is sufficient to make you hate your life within the lengthy run.


10. Try To Control The Uncontrollable
Turn right into a manipulate freak and attempt to manipulate everything.

Control of us and occasions even although you might be disappointed whilst you fail.

But strive anyhow.

Act upon your overwhelming want to manipulate everything.

The nervousness of no longer being in manipulate is scary.

Deny the reality that random events, which you’ve got no manipulate over, can occur and fully swap the outcome.

You are the heart of the universe and therefore you deserve to be in manipulate of everything that occurs within the international round you.

The concept of letting cross of manipulate (NOT responsibility!) is spooky.

But attempting to manipulate this immeasurable quantity of occasions is overwhelming. And the nervousness it provokes is right for bringing your emotional wellness down.

11. Neglect Your Health

Don’t exercise.

Never contact a weight on your life. Never hit a treadmill.

Don’t transfer your physique in any method and simply be a potato couch.

And wholesome food! Stay clear of it. Make specific nothing but junk meals reveals its solution to your stomach.

And who desires sleep? It’s a waste of time.

There are soooo many thrilling issues to do like checking social media or looking T.V. or simply putting out with friends.

Even work is extra productive than sleeping simply due to the fact you get to make a few money. So, shrink the hours you spend sleeping as a lot as possible.


12. Interfere With People’s Intentions
Assume you possibly can examine minds.

Assume you possibly can see what is of their hearts and why they’re doing what they’re doing.

And primarily founded on these assumptions, choose of us and categorize them into NULL categories: nice and bad.

Most possibly that the bulk of of us would belong to the bad category. After all, we’re dwelling in a shitty world, aren’t we?


13. Waste It On A Meaningless Pursuit
Here is a perfectly fruitless pursuit to waste your life on:

Never grow courage. All the meaningful, fulfilling goals contain a specific quantity of danger. They make you vulnerable. They make you uncomfortable and uncertain. Courage is set dealing with this vulnerability and pain and shifting regardless of them. Quite painful!
Do what of us desire you to do. Follow the already-existing plan that an individual had out for you a lengthy time ago. And even though this user doesn’t understand you deeply, they’re in a function of authority they usually understand what is nice for you. Or now not less than it truly is the method it seems to be like. Fulfill their desires and also you may be happy. It doesn’t make sense to me both but, hey, what will we know?
People’s evaluations subject a lot. They must now not criticize you. They must now not see you doing one thing dull or reputedly embarrassing. And must they get upset with you, switch no matter you possibly can switch to make them happy. Even if that capability letting go of your personal identity. Don’t permit anybody reject you or suppose badly of you. Be a chum of everyone, though this method you may by no capability get to understand anyone.
This by myself can do the trick and make you hate your life immensely.


14. Define Yourself By Your Hard Times
We all face hard times.

We screw up each now after which and make mistakes.

When we screw up and make these terrible mistakes, we suffer our own disgrace storms.

For these who aren’t regular with the time period “shame storms”, throughout them, you actually sense creepy unworthiness and cold, harsh emotions of shame.

If you may persuade your self which you just belong interior these disgrace storms and that you’ve got all the time been bad and inadequate, you does now not purely hate your life but additionally dig a gap interior of your soul (A gap which you just possibly can fill utilizing a few of the approaches stated on this article).

You ought to join the trust which says, “I am a foul user who occasionally does nice things. The bad defines me extra than the nice simply due to the fact it’s who I am.” Destructive and works like magic!


15. Let Other People Define You By Your Hard Times
Why now not get a few of us to confirm what you already trust in?

Why now not get a few comments from a few of the of us round you?

They may be capable to see one thing which you just can’t see.

But simply due to the fact we’ve already screened out the wholesome folks who got here our method and surrounded ourselves with a number of assholes, we gets described by our disgrace storms and by our worst mistakes.

We gets reminded over and over back of who we actually are (shit and all), pretty whilst we do a nice process and act well.

Don’t permit the nice stuff make you neglect about your origin.

You belong interior the disgrace storms.

And in case you can’t see that, pay attention to these of us and permit them remind you of who you actually are.

Let them outline you utilizing your worst moments so you don’t mistakenly trust that you’re of any good3.


So, I Hate My Life, What Should I Do?
Stop doing these things!!

And cease doing one thing that seems to be like these.

Stop screwing up your self and making your rest room shitty.

Start doing what is nice for you. And in case you trust that you’re now not worth of nice treatment, then fortunately you’re within the proper place.

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