Reset Fire Stick in 7 easy steps With or Without remote | Guide

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Reset Fire Stick in 7 easy steps With or Without remote | Guide


If you need to recognise how one can Reset Fire Stick with or with out utilizing the Fire TV distant in simply 7 simple steps, then this ebook is for you .


We have explained these steps in such a method that anybody can execute these steps with ease.


This is what you’ll discover internal this post:
Why Reset Fire Stick.
How to execute the job for reset Fire Stick.
Procedure to Reset Fire Stick with-out utilizing the “settings” tab.
Steps to Reset Fire Stick with out utilizing the remote.

Let’s pass by way of each one of these.

Why you will reset Fire Stick:

There are assorted eventualities that provide you the urgency to reset Fire Stick. Mostly this occurs while your Fire Stick all of the sudden face a few points such as

  1. If your Amazon Fire TV froze.
    Sometimes your Fire TV‘s display freezes all of a sudden. And, at the moment you choose to restart your device.But if restarting doesn’t assist you much, then the in simple terms possibility that you’ve is to reset Fire Stick.
  2. When the Fire Stick caught on Amazon screen.
    This occurs principally while you’re appearing the Fire Stick Setup otherwise you’re making an attempt to replace the instrument of your Fire TV stick.And also here’s one in every of probably probably the foremost irritating and frustrating points with the Fire TV stick. But as soon as you reset Fire Stick, you won’t face this problem again.
  3. If you encounter with Amazon Fire Stick black screen.
    Amazon Fire Stick Black display commonly occurs if there may just be a few problem along with your network. And in case you reset fire stick, it’ll reestablish a contemporary connection.
    And it’s how you’re able to rid of the black display instantly.
  4. When your Amazon Fire Stick retains rebooting.
    Reset Fire Stick can be very useful in case you caught in Fire TV stick reboot loop. This is simply due to the fact with the Fire Stick Reset the rebooting can be stopped and you’re able to take pleasure in the Fire TV’s content.
  5. If you spot Amazon Fire TV Black display after Amazon logo.
    Sometimes you encounter with the Fire TV Black Screen after the Amazon logo while you restart your device. To keep away from this, you’re able to reset your Fire TV stick.
  6. When encountering Amazon Fire Stick streaming issues.
    If you’re one in every of these who often encounters with the Fire Stick Streaming points then you definitely ought to reset Fire Stick. Because this works as a panacea for each one Fire Stick Streaming issue.

So the query is what is the sufficient method to reset Fire Stick?

The reply is said below

Easy steps to reset Fire Stick:
So you desire to reset Fire Stick, then right right listed here are the 7 simple steps to do so:

  1. Turn “On” your Fire TV Stick.
  2. Navigate to the “Menu” after which to “Settings”
  3. Keep dragging the recommendations to the right, till you discovered the “System”.
  4. Thereafter, pass to the backside and tap on “Reset to Factory Defaults”
  5. Now a speak box can be caused in your display stating – “You are about to reset Fire TV stick, and preferences and sign-in news can be misplaced thereafter”.
  6. Select the “Reset”.
  7. Wait for the total reset of your device. It may just take 10-15 minutes. Thereafter you gets a notification- Reset a hit as soon simply due to the fact the reset is fully executed.

Unable to navigate to “Settings”? Then learn extra to recognise how one can reset Fire Stick with out the use of the “Settings” tab

Reset Fire Stick without going to “Settings”

Sometimes you can’t navigate to the “Settings” comparable to while your Amazon Fire TV turns into frozen or Fire stick caught on Amazon screen. And it’s what prevents you to reset Fire Stick.

So how are you able to reset your Fire TV stick in these scenarios?

Here’s the answer.
In these sorts of scenarios, you’re able to reset your Fire Stick by squeezing the combinations of “Right” and “Back” buttons of your Fire TV distant for 10 to 15 seconds.

Now you could be requested in your Amazon credentials and to comply with a few on-screen instructions. Thereafter, your total device will pass by way of the manufacturing facility reset.

“Tip- If you’re dealing with points along with your Fire TV distant learn Fire Stick Remote now not operating – Latest Hacks |2018 ( “

Don’t have entry to Fire TV remote?

Then learn how one can reset your Fire TV stay with out utilizing the remote.

Reset Fire Stick without Fire Stick remote:

It turns into very tough in case you desire to reset your Fire TV stick but your distant isn’t working. But need to now not fear as we can ebook you with three recommendations to reset your Fire Stick with out utilizing the Fire Stick Remote.

So let’s see what these recommendations are:

Using USB mouse:
For the very first possibility for reset Fire TV stay with out the remote, you’ll need both a USB mouse or an Ethernet cable.

Once you attach the USB mouse you’re able to navigate to the settings and carry out the vital steps to reset Fire TV stick. But it would possibly be tough for you simply due to the fact the cursor will won’t be visual to you reset firestick.

Fire TV Remote app:
Alexa distant app adds you with a digital digital distant with which you’re able to manipulate your Fire TV stick. Fire Stick distant app is accessible for Android units (version 4.0.3 or above), iOS units (above iOS 7.0).

Once you obtain and set up the app to your mobile, you’re able to execute the Fire TV stick reset. Fire TV distant app can be very useful in case you’ve misplaced your bodily remote, factory reset fire tv stick without remote.

And in case you don’t have a compatible cellular for Fire TV distant app you’re able to ask out of your friends.

Via different 3rd get together apps:
You too can use a few different apps comparable to ad blink 2.04 to attach the Fire TV stick along with your laptop. For this, you’ll should plug the energy cord of Fire TV follow the USB port of the laptop.

However many customers discovered this to be this very complex task, so permit us assist you with an simple alternative how to reset firestick without remote.

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