The Bangle Sellers by Sarojini Naidu: About the poem

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The Bangle Sellers by Sarojini Naidu: About the poem


Written by way of way of the outstanding Indian poet and politician Sarojini Naidu, ‘The Bangle Sellers‘ is a poem exploring the life of Indian women, the Indian tradition and traditions revolving round women. In most of her poems, Sarojini Naidu writes on the subject matter of Indian tradition and people. Her poems are concentrated on Indian settings and this poem makes no exception. In its Indianness, the poem resembles one other poem of hers, In the Bazaars of Hyderabad.

The poem revolves round bangles, that’s an fundamental decoration for ’embellishment’ of ladies in Indian Society. In the poem, the bangle dealers are on the temple reasonable they usually shout out to the of us passing by way of way of to have a appear at their bangles. They urge them to purchase bangles for his or her daughters and wives bangle sellers summary.

Form and language of the poem
The whole poem has a format the place every stanza focuses on a specific theme. The first stanza depicts the traders touting on the temple reasonable to allure the attention of the of us passing by. The consequent stanzas talk about bangles of assorted colors the vendor have for ladies of all other ages.

The poem The bangle sellers has a fundamental rhyme scheme of aabbcc for every stanza. With sometimes octasyllabic strains the poem has no unique metre, but one has an apprehension of the identical attributable to the use of fundamental language and a ordinary fluidity of words. Use of sensible similes has made it a beauty.

The Bangle Sellers: Explanation by way of way of stanza
Stanza One:

Bangle dealers are we who bear
Our shining lots to the temple fair…
Who will purchase those delicate, bright
Rainbow-tinted circles of light?
Lustrous tokens of radiant lives,
For glad daughters and glad wives.


The poem starts with the audio system introducing themselves as bangle dealers who promote their articles on the temple fair. They name out to the folks to purchase their bangles. These hawkers describe their bangles as delicate, bright, rainbow-tinted circles of light. They advertise via questioning who will purchase those bangles for his or her daughters and wives.

It is major to word right the following that although the audio system of the poem are several, it seems as though there may be a single speaker. This is resulting from the truth that all of them have the similar objective and are therefore considered singularly as a ‘class essence’. Also, the Bangles right the following are known as ‘lustrous tokens of radiant lives‘. It reveals us the Indianness of the poem, the place bangles are offered on unique instances and are related with happiness and prosperity.

Stanza two:

Some are meet for a maiden’s wrist,
Silver and blue because the mountain mist,
Some are flushed just like the buds that dream
On the tranquil forehead of a woodland stream,
Some are aglow with the bloom that cleaves
To the limpid glory of latest born leaves


The moment stanza onward, the audio system speak of the sorts of bangles they have. Some of those bangles are suited for a maiden’s, that is, a younger unmarried woman’s wrist. They are Silver and Blue in shade just like the mountain mist. Some of them are ‘flushed’, it is pink and pale red in shade like flower buds rising beside a woodland stream. Still others are inexperienced and glowing just like the obvious magnificence of recent born leaves.

In Indian society, bangles have an fundamental cultural and devout place. Different colored bangles are worn by females in other ranges of life. Blue, Silver, and Green are many times worn by younger maidens. It is exciting to word that the poet right the following makes use of the phrases ‘flushed just like the buds that dream.’ The phrase ‘buds’ right the following is suggestive of chastity. ‘Buds that dreams‘ show earlier than us an picture of younger females dreaming of marriage. In this stanza, the poet gifts the level of youth in a woman’s life.

Stanza Three:

Some are like fields of sunlit corn,
Meet for a bride on her bridal morn,
Some, just like the flame of her marriage fire,
Or, wealthy with the hue of her heart’s desire,
Tinkling, luminous, tender, and clear,
Like her bridal laughter and bridal tear.


In the third stanza, the bangle dealers say that a few in their bangles are yellow like ‘fields of sunlit corn‘. Bangles of this shade are correct for a bride on her bridal morn. Some of the bangles they have are vibrant red. They represent the flame of a newly grew to become bride’s marriage fire, that is, the hobby of her newly made relation. The red bangles also stand for her heart’s desire. The bangles are ‘tinkling, luminous, soft and clear’. They show equally her joy of beginning a brand new life together with her husband and the sorrow of leaving her folks behind the bangle sellers.


What we discover unbelievable is the use of the phrases ‘bridal laughter and bridal tears.’ These phrases deliver the entire of a woman’s transition in life from a maiden to a spouse and all of the feelings hooked up with it in one line. This stanza marks the transition of life from a maiden to a wife.


Stanza Four:

Some are purple and gold flecked grey
For she who has journeyed via life midway,
Whose arms have cherished, whose love has blest,
And cradled reasonable sons on her trustworthy breast,
And serves her family in fruitful pride,
And worships the gods at her husband’s side.


In the last stanza of the poem The Bangle Sellers, the audio system maintain to advertise their bangles. They shout that a few in their bangles are purple and gold flecked grey. These are suited for a middle-aged lady who has ‘journeyed via life’. They are for her who has raised her youngsters well, and has remained trustworthy to her husband and family. These bangles are, they say, correct for she who has maintained her family with pleasure and ‘worships the gods at her husband’s side‘.

In this stanza, the poet writes down what she perceives because the qualities of a nice wife. Such a lady is really deserving of the purple and gold flecked grey bangles in her eyes. Here we have to listen to the phrase ‘sons’ used to imply offspring. While it might be a pleased coincidence, it might also imply the ingrained perspective of male option within the society of Sarojini Naidu’s times.


The poem, ‘The bangle Sellers’ is a social gathering of the girl life. It exhibits us the diversified ranges of a woman’s life and makes an attempt to represent the Indian tradition and the position of bangle dealers within the ordinary set up.

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